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If you decide to dive in with us, we guess you like a little of adventure, right?

We designed {dive}:event to maximize the immersion and the interaction between speakers and attendees. This is why we chose to limit the attendance to 100 people. We also chose to make you discover new companies and personalities. So we hope you don't know our speakers yet, because this is the point! {dive} is a journey of 18 hours to change your vision on innovation and they are our diving instructors.

Discovery Breakfast
Look, smell, touch, taste: To wake up your senses and open up your mind, the day will start with an amazing breakfast full of surprises prepared by our partner the food living Lab « Centre Culinaire Contemporain ».
Morning sessions
Design first! Planning for our new landscape of work
According to Mark Catchlove, director of insight group from the famous design furniture Herman Miller, a workplace has to be designed for individuals with a story, a past, with different minds and different ages. Finding a balance between privacy and communication, creating a sense of belonging, addressing both an ageing society and Generation Z's needs, and disrupting the work station are some of the challenges in designing the future of our work place. In this session, we can expect for Mark to jostle our daily work routine.
Looking for the user: The e-health case
Who drives e-health innovation? The patient or the doctor? What are the most effective e-health solutions? The ones that facilitate practitioners’ job? The ones that empower the patients? Our panel will discuss these issues and open the debate with the room. Our three speakers are efficiency-driven entrepreneurs who have decided to change the everyday lives of patients and doctors. Performance, intuitiveness, and data privacy are probably the most important features of a truly user-centered health app.
Calm technology, how non intrusive design will shape our future
We asked Amber Case if AI can be the future of user experience. She replied that having a personal family story with AI, she’d love to share her views on the question and present her “calm technology” approach. Calm technology is all about “managing attention” and communicating information without taking people out of their environment or task. The most effective design should respect human beings and fit smoothly into their lives. Can artificial intelligence help and boost this vision?
Creative Lunch
To restore your forces for the rest of the day and enrich the experience, our partner « Centre Culinaire Contemporain » will design and cook a unique and astonishing culinary path. Beyond convention, we bet this lunch will provide you with an unforgettable memory of your stay in Rennes/Brittany region.
Afternoon sessions
The emotion factor
What is the impact of our emotions in our decisions? What if we could dig into people’s minds instead of asking them what they think about a product, service or innovation? What if emotion was truly measurable and understandable? It’s a common idea today that the 21st century will be led by emotion, not reason. Most consumer behavior is reviewed through ratings and recommendations along with studies of purchasing patterns. “It’s not only important to engage with consumers and understand their behavior, but also to dig deeper and engage with people’s subconscious,” says Kei Shimada, Group Director of Innovation and Business Development at Dentsu. With his technology background and consumer insight expertise, Kei will explore with us the emotional factor as a key to innovation that deeply transforms customer experience.
Reinventing brand storytelling: Mirada case study
John and Andrew both have the same exact passion: Storytelling and how to create compelling, emotionally engaging, breathtaking new experiences. How can we push the boundaries of imagination in story experiences while captivating and entertaining audiences? How far can we go to reinvent narrative? These are some of the questions which will be discussed during this inspiring two-man session.
Engage. Experience. Excite. Reinventing Retail with AI
Can we mix the best parts of digital and physical shopping in order to make in-store shopping a new, efficient and fun experience for the customer? Starting from her personal story with fashion, Laura Khoury launched Shoptelligence to address this challenge. She’ll share with us her vision on how AI and customer centric approach can be a win-win strategy for retail.
The future of play
These two gamers spend their days at Frima Studio, the largest Canadian-owned game studio and a growing entertainment enterprise, looking into technology trends to figure out where innovation should focus in order to create the gaming experience of the future. For our final session, they will team up to play with us. Get ready to explore how physical and digital worlds are blurring and how augmented toys will augment the play experience.
Dining & Party
To enrich the multi-sensory experience and leave you a festive memory of your stay in Rennes, {dive} will end with an exciting party hosted by the UBU Club, one of Rennes’ best places for music and clubbing. In line with our spirit of exploration, {dive} party will be organized by our partner Les Trans Musicales, the biggest music discovery festival in Europe. Jacques, a unique character and experimental musician, Gablé, a trio mixing rock, folk, jazz and electronic music and GareSud, a duo with dark and mysterious sounds for electronic music lovers : this is no ordinary line-up of musical acts.
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Amber Case - USA
Cyborg anthropologist
Andrew Cochrane - USA
Digital and Interactive Director for Mirada
Jean-Philippe Doiron - Canada
Director of Technology at Frima Studio
John Fragomeni - USA
President of Mirada Studios
Joshua Landy - Canada
Chief Medical Officer at Figure 1
Kei Shimada - Japan
Global Director of Innovation & Business Development at Dentsu Inc.
Ladislas de Toldi - France
CEO & co-founder of Leka
Laura Khoury - USA
CEO of Shoptelligence
Luc Beaulieu - Canada
CTO at Frima Studio
Mark Catchlove - UK
Director Insight Group, EMEA at Herman Miller's
Nimrod Madar - Israel
President and CEO of InnoVision Labs / App GlassesOff
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Anne-Marie Elias - Australia
Host - Chief disrupter
Benjamin Adler - France