Nimrod Madar - Israel
President and CEO of InnoVision Labs / App GlassesOff
Nimrod Madar is the President and CEO of InnoVision Labs, a company that creates pioneering neuroscience technologies in the field of human vision. He oversees the research, development and commercialization of new software solutions aiming to measure, train and improve visual performance. Nimrod oversaw the development and launch of the GlassesOff App which was created to help people eliminate their dependency on reading glasses and Game Vision, the upcoming mobile app designed for aspiring athletes to improve Sports Vision Performance.

Prior to InnoVision Labs, Nimrod was the VP of Strategy at 888 Holdings, one of the World’s most popular publicly traded companies for online gaming and entertainment. Before this, Nimrod was a Managing Partner for POC Management Consulting, a leading management consulting firm helping blue-chip companies in the Israeli market across the finance, telecommunications and retail industries. Nimrod holds an MBA from Babson College in Massachusetts, and a BA in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.