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Hi theeeere ;-) Anne-Marie Elias, chief-disrupter, start-up mentor, hackathon organizer was our passionate and enthusiastic MC at {dive} 2016. She likes to define herself as a «pragmatic problem solver inspired by delivering change and engaging cross-sector stakeholders to unite to achive common goals ». She accepted to share her recent news with us, welcome back Anne-Marie!

Hello Anne-Marie! What are your main professional achievement since {dive}? 

Spreading the word about human centered innovation :-) TechFugees Australia has scaled to 4 cities and I am working on two start-ups of my own. I have been able to set the agenda in Australia through dialogues with government ministers and through my blogs and speaking about human centered innovation.  

How did you manage to transform the experience of your audience and users?

I have been using co-design to co-create solutions, TechFugees Australia is the exemplar of using co-design to solve complex social problems (in this case refugee settlement). The results are more human centered solutions co-created by users.  

What is your next big dive?

Bringing The Last Mile, San Quentin prison start-up incubator to Australia. I will also be running human centered hackathons on homelessness, suicide and domestic violence.  

What is the top of mind word coming to you when you think about {dive}?  

Connection !

To learn more about Anne-Marie Elias:

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