Mr Emotion is back!

Since the spirit of {dive} is all about human-centered design, serendipity and personal relations, we promised to keep our small community aware of our main pioneer’s current stories. You’ve already read some news from Frima guys and our favorite Chief Disrupter. Now let’s hear about the Japanese American entrepreneur who presented at {dive] 2016 a stunning talk about “The Emotion factor”: Kei Shimada, what have you be up to ?

Hi Kei! Part of the {dive} team will attend The Next Web Conference in a couple of days. Is there a chance to catch up with you there?

I unfortunately won't be at TNW this time around. I've spoken at their Amsterdam, Sao Paulo (now closed) and New York events and think they've had enough of me...

They certainly don’t! And we neither ;) Actually, we’d love to here about you. What is your main professional achievement/project since last time we met?

I've set up our company's [Dentsu Inc.] first platform that identifies and supports ten innovation group (AI, biometrics, Drones, Fintech, IoT, Location Big Data, Outer Space, Robots, VR/AR, Wearables) with their businesses.

That’s great. And how did you manage to transform the experience of your customers?

Consistency. Telling the same story of having to change over and over. Ah, and also building examples so that people understand firsthand WHY there is need for change.

And what is your next big dive?

Its a secret, big secret :)

And the traditional final question: what is the top of mind word coming to you when you think about {dive}?

Commitment. You can't dive deep if you can't commit yourself to doing so.

To watch Kei session at dive, click here.