Luc Beaulieu - Canada
CTO at Frima Studio

I’m a passionate leader with a strong gravitation towards anything technical or innovative. Wait what? Let me explain.

It all started when I was bored in high school and started coding apps and games back in the day when we had only 4K to do it! I kept doing that through my BSc and then went on a crazy adventure still lasting to this day. I’m currently CTO at Frima, the largest Canadian-owned game studio and a growing entertainment enterprise. Here I’ve led technical production teams, several R&D endeavors, IT stuff, and partnerships with outside companies. I also had the privilege to speak at many large conferences such as GDC. More recently, I’m leading the pitch team. During that time, the company grew from 70 to over 350 employees.

What did I do before that? Glad you asked. I worked for 9 years for the largest online community of veterinarians. This experience took me to sunny California. The plan was to take an AOL keyword (remember those?) and migrate it to the Web, simple enough in 1999. We moved everyone to the new shinny http world, including search engine, message boards, and chat. During my stay there, the community flourished from less than 2,000 members to more than 40,000!

Prior to that, I was freezing in Quebec (I still am) and right after school, I started a company in 1996 with a lawyer (and now a great friend!). We wanted to change how people incorporated companies (carbon paper with a typewriter), so we built a Web-based intelligent system that helped redact and fill out all required documents and forms. It was clearly the best way to do this, but about 10 years too early :(

In summary, I have led several groups of fun, odd (you know who you are), and interesting people to many successes and well a few failures.