Jean-Philippe Doiron - Canada
Director of Technology at Frima Studio

Professionally speaking, everything I do now and everything I’ve achieved so far I owe it all to the people I’ve worked with.

From the friend I started with as a professional game developer more than 15 years ago. To the awesome boss at Infodev where I spent 8 years hacking database and cars, the RD team at Frima where we built an engine from the ground up for new platforms. And more recently, Frima’s CTO for the opportunities in the CTO Office.

Seriously, I dropped school probably too early for having a good looking resume, I’m a gamer who like’s woodworking, chainsaw, rhum&coke and I live in the woods. How in the world I ended up building strategic technology plans instead of being a Lumberjack?

Now I spend my days looking into technology trends to define where our innovation initiatives should focus to position Frima for the future. To do that, I foster relationships with folks that strive for the same goals, I plan, suggest and manage innovation endeavours and I explore new ways to achieve our objectives.

Passionate about what the future holds I feel like a kid on Christmas day, excited about what we might end up doing next.

results driven
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