Happy Birthday!

Starting {dive} was an adventure. Of course, launching a new event, with a strong international ambition, within the overcrowded market of the events industry, is always a gamble. But doing so with a mission to go “beyond convention” was not an easy call, nor an easy journey.

Having b<>com in the producer role was maybe our main asset: as a research center we designed this special 18 hour-immersion as a live experiment with 100 open minds, eager to share something. One year after, {dive} is still a memory we all cherish.

Something was actually born on July 7th 2016, so we decided to celebrate this anniversary by finally sharing those memories and insights: today we release all the sessions videos!

So what about plunging into Amber’s quest for calm technology? Or exploring in a unique and crazy way the future of playing with Luc and Jean-Philippe from Frima Studio? Or discovering the e-health discussion about the patient and doctors user experience?

“Human first, design after and tech as enabler” was one of the takeaways of this very special July 7th. We hope watching these sessions will help to spread this spirit and keep it alive.

The best is to come, for sure. Because we don’t know what it is yet. And because we’ll have to make it happen together.