{dive} will be back in the summer of 2018

by Emmanuelle Garnaud-Gamache, Executive Producer

After a successful first edition, with a great diversity of profiles and amazing content and collaborations around innovation that puts user experience first, {dive}: event producing team took the time to listen to the {diver} community’s suggestions and its debriefing with partners. Of course, launching a new event, with a strong international ambition, in the overcrowded market of the events industry, is always a gamble. But doing so with a “beyond convention” mission was definitely an adventure for b<>com. And meeting the goals for this first edition just adds a little more pressure for the future! The main question was: What is the ideal balance between a complete reset versus keeping everything that worked for this 2016 experience and building on it?

Part of the answer is in the frequency; we want to keep {dive} fresh, exclusive, mysterious and attractive. So it’s now official, the {dive} journey will go on as a Biennial, and its next edition will take place in summer 2018. Meanwhile, {dive} will re-invent itself by producing new types of content and keeping the community alive through web publications, interactive videos and other creative content. To celebrate the most memorable moments of the 2016 edition and announce the next one, a video is now online on Feel free to share it and stay tuned!