Catching up with Amber

Amber Case was one of our guest speakers at {dive} 2016. In her book “Calm Technology”, she promotes a design method for smoothly capturing a user’s attention only when necessary, while calmly remaining in the background most of the time. Last month, Amber was invited to speak at the opening session of The Next Web 2017. We managed to catch up there to get some fresh news of our favorite “Calm Technologist”.

Hi Amber, how have you been? And what was your biggest dive since we met?  

All good thank you! My biggest dive was moving and being able to do research full time. Moving of city and joining Harvard and MIT in Boston.    

How did you manage to transform the experience of your audience?  

Probably writing the new book I’m about to publish in October about “designing with sound”, pre-order already available on Amazon ;-)  

Any clue on what will be your next big dive?  

When my fellowship ends, in 2019, I will have to choose the city where I want to live. I spent many years in Wyoming and loved it because it was so empty. And I also like it when it’s full, and energizing like New York or Berlin. So, an empty or a full place, but it can be in the middle!  

One top of mind word for {dive}?  

Cosy! and beautiful.

To watch Amber session at dive, click here.