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about {dive}

{dive} gives center stage to anyone who comes up with innovations that serve user experience.
{dive} is not … another convention, symposium, conference or trade show … {dive} is the first edition of a multidimensional, multisensory global event featuring an array of new formats and face-to-face encounters.
{dive} a day full of discoveries in a unique setting, the French content-oriented tech haven that is the campus of the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology.

why {dive}?

{because} innovation is the fuel that drives companies’ success.
{because} innovation is not just about technology. It’s also about business models, design, and practices.
{because} the most effective innovation is the kind that puts user experience first.

want to dive into something new?

A strong skillset and an open mind matter more to us than your job title. Strategists, entrepreneurs, innovators, creative technologists, designers, marketers, data scientists, strategic planners, sociologists, researchers, trend spotters, talent scouts,… are some of the best to join the experience and contribute.

{dive} comes with b<>com

With its innovations, the Institute of Research and Technology (IRT) b<>com is taking part in the European digital transformation. Its 230 researchers develop tools, products, and services that make everyday life easier. They focus on two fields of research: Hypermedia (ultra-high definition images, 3D sound, smart content, virtual and augmented reality) and more agile ultra-high speed networks (cloud, cybersecurity, ultra-high speed mobile, network resilience, Internet of Things). Of the many fields of application for these technologies, e-health has allowed b<>com to participate in the digital revolution going on in medicine. Founded through a public/private partnership, the IRT gathers the best experts from industry and academia at its campus in Rennes, and at its sites in Lannion and Brest. http://www.b-com.com/

b<>com venue

b<>com campus is part of a vision: gathering talents from multiple fields together in a single location. Because creativity and interaction are key to innovation, the b<>com campus is the result of serious reflections about spaces. It is meant to be a comfortable place that will stimulate our curiosity, and was designed to allow researchers to conduct experiments and tests. Among R&D platforms, b<>com campus offers 5,400 ft2 of event space equipped with the latest technological innovations to immerse attendees in images and sound: state-of-the-art A/V equipment, tablets for configuration, giant wall screens, immersive sound 7.1… At the top of the building, a 3,200 ft2 terrace offers a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.