6 months later... what have Frima guys become?

6 months have passed since we plunged into experiential innovation with a bunch of inspired and enthusiastic pioneers. During this one-day immersive journey, we had the chance to discover 12 amazing speakers with different stories, trajectories but who all have one thing in common: a passion for innovation that serves user experience. What have they become? And what are their projects for 2017?

To start this series of interviews, we are happy to welcome Jean-Philippe Doiron and Luc Beaulieu, from Frima Studio. At {dive} 2016, these two Canadian crazy & passionate video-gamers gave a very special talk about “The Future of Play”. Let’s hear what they want to share today with the {dive} community.

Hi guys, what is your main professional achievement or project since last time we met?
First, thanks for having us at {dive}, and for making this follow-up. On-site experiences are currently what drives our innovation team, at {dive} we talked about building an exoskeleton that let you, in VR, be Ironman. Well, we got funded to create a prototype that will allow us to define the requirements to complete that ambitious project in the future.  It’s a small step, but an important one. We also partnered with a theater company to work on mixed reality in performing art projects. For instance, we want a volumetric 3D actor to play in a Shakespeare scene, live, with real actors.
How did you manage to transform the experience of your customers?
The partnerships that we are building because of {dive} will bring us new challenges and ideas. From those, we want to build new and exciting experiences that will sharpen our skills and eventually sprout into new service offerings. We want to realize our partner’s dreams.
What is your next big dive?
We are working hard on narrative virtual reality products. We believe that being able to interact with a movie-like experience will bring an interesting twist to storytelling.
What is the top-of-mind word coming to you when you think about {dive}?
Relationships! It’s all about good relationships and the proximity provided by {dive} gave us the possibility to create new ones that are slowly growing to partnerships.

To watch Luc & Jean-Philippe session at dive, click here.