3 top-flight chefs for a deep dive into flavor

On July 7, guests at {dive} will get a unique culinary experience from the three chefs of the Centre Culinaire Contemporain, a partner of the event. On the menu: The [! SSSHRRRFFF], an unprecedented, multi-sensory exploration centered around 3 major Breton themes: land, sea, and forest. Learn more about these three veteran gourmets.

Khadija Makdad

In 2008, she took a 180° turn from fashion to cooking, her lifelong passion. With a degree in her pocket, she chose to share her passion with high school students in Rennes. She now manages the cooking school of the Centre Culinaire Contemporain. Her signature dish: Kadaif pastry Her favorite ingredient: Lime and kadaif Her biggest influence as a chef: Thierry Marx Her favorite culinary quote: "Gastronomy is the art of cooking food to create happiness"

Loïc Pasco

Born and trained in Rennes, Loïc feels a close connection with his native region, where he returned after serving at famed restaurants in Paris. After opening his first business, "La Tourniole," then creating "Chef dans la ville," where he cooked at individuals' homes or businesses, he joined the Centre Culinaire Contemporain and has remained for 12 years. His signature dish: Breton cod loin with butter and lemon His favorite ingredient: Fish from the Breton coast His biggest influence as a chef: Antony Cointre for his sense of taste His favorite culinary quote: "Our profession is contact with the source and with nature. At its core, there's a farmer, a producer, a product being shared."

Tugdual De Béthune

A name that sings out! Tugdual loves nature and molecular gastronomy and sparkles as he shows you both. Biff, Bang, Pow!! A course with him is a delight for the taste buds and the eyes. A former executive chef trained in the lovely Alsatian school of the Haeberlin family, Tugdual was cook at Ar Milin before joining the team at the Centre Culinaire Contemporain. A real food connoisseur who's mastered the use of butter and cheese, this self-described "kiffeur de cuisine" (modern foodie) is a fan of Michel Bras, Anne Sophie Pic, Pierre Gagnaire, and Hervé This. His signature dish: Whatever he's cooking tomorrow His favorite ingredient: Butter His biggest influence as a chef: Michel Bras His favorite culinary quote: "Cooking demands a light head, a generous spirit, and a big heart."